Pest Control Funnel Sales Marketing

How To Create Sales Funnels – Most pest control companies have more than one service to sell.  The ideal scenario is to sell each customer ALL of your services.  Listen to this episode of The Pest Control Marketing Podcast and Mike and Hal will share some great tips for building a SALES FUNNEL to sell more of your products/services!

Our products and services for PCO’s:

There’s a FORTUNE in the FOLLOWUP

There’s a FORTUNE in the FOLLOWUP! – Research shows us that 82% of people make a purchase after 5-12 exposures.  Sadly, that same research reveals that 91% of salespeople give up after 2-4 follow-up calls.  Bottom line: 91% of salespeople leave 82% of potential business on the table because the QUIT!  Listen to this episode of The Pest Control Marketing Podcast and hear Mike and Hal discuss this topic and offer simple suggestions for capturing more sales and making more money by following up relentlessly!


Hypnotic Rhythms and how they affect YOUR PCO BUSINESS

Hypnotic rhythms are simply habitual ways we do things. They can be good or bad. In this episode Hal and Mike share thoughts on why YOU need to be aware of certain hypnotic rhythms that may be sabotaging your business growth…and how you can replace those bad habits with good ones!

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