Power of Giving Away Free To Generate More Pest Control Customers

Hal and Mike discuss the power of giving away free to generate the law of reciprocity

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Cloverleaf YOUR Way To Profits – Pest Control Sales People Tips

One of the easiest people to sell pest control to is the next door neighbor of your current customer. Do YOU actively cloverleaf? If not, you should. In this episode of The Pest Control Marketing Podcast Hal & Mike explain why and offer some helpful tips for making cloverleafing an important part of your overall marketing strategies!

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What is YOUR Pest Control Exterminator customer really worth?

  1. The vast majority of small business owners never take the time to calculate and ponder the true value of their customers.  In this episode of The Pest Control Marketing Podcast, Hal & Mike share some valuable thoughts on why you should pay more attention to the true value of each of your customers!