Content Marketing SEO and Local Business Spotlight Trick for PCO’s (Pest Control Operators)

Hal Coleman and Mike Stewart discuss how only 3 ways to be found locally with your business, Google My Business listing, paid ads or unique content marketing of blogs and podcasts, not just social media posts. Make content!

Pest Control Marketing SERP Terms and Why You Need Know, Share and Market Yours!

Hal and Mike discuss how important it is to know, share and marketing your SERP terms of your local pest control business.
Do you know what SERP terms are? Do you know your own? Are you teaching your marketing how to remember them on a subconscious level?

Voice Search for Pest Control Owners in Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa and Google Devices

Hal and Mike talk about the future on local business search with voice commands on Apple, Google and Amazon devices!

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