Preparing your pest control business for sale

If you want to someday be able to sell your pest control business for a lot of $$…there are certain things you must do NOW in order to add value to it. And…if you don’t do these things…when “someday” finally arrives…you might find that you have a business that no one wants to buy. In this episode of the pest control marketing podcast Hal & Mike give you some strategies to build solid gold into your business that you can easily cash in “someday”!

Pest Control Marketing Video Secrets for YouTube Success

FACT:  If you’re not making videos with your iPhone (or android) and uploading them to YouTube you are losing a ton of easy business from the internet. Listen to this episode of the Pest Control Marketing Podcast and hear Hal & Mike discuss this subject and share some POWERFUL…and PROVEN strategies guaranteed to get you more new customers from your YouTube videos!

Pest Control Marketing with YOUR FACE!

Who is your business? The answer is…it is YOU! And it is extremely important for people to know that. Without a name and a face to attach to your business…it is simply another lifeless corporate entity. In this episode of The Pest Control Marketing Podcast Hal & Mike share well-known examples of just how effective this strategy can be!