What are Website Buying Response Triggers and how do they work for Pest Control Owners?

A buying response trigger is a word, phrase, picture, sound or feeling that triggers a response in the subconscious brain of a person and causes them to make an instant decision to buy something.  There are a least a dozen that should be included on the home page of your website…yet most websites have very few…or none. In this episode of The Pest Control Marketing Podcast, Hal and Mike discuss this topic and offer some GREAT TIPS  on how to use buying response triggers on your website to get more new customers and make more sales!

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Attention Pest Control Owners! What is a business coach and why should I consider one?

What do Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Chipper Jones, Tom Brady and other world class athletes have in common? Answer: They all have…or have had…great coaches!  And the same thing applies to business owners. A good coach can help you grow your business and achieve your goals MUCH FASTER than you would ever be able to do it on your own. In this episode of The Pest Control Marketing Podcast, Hal and Mike discuss the possibilities available to YOU through coaching. If you are serious about growing your business you need to listen to this right now!

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PCO Q & A on Online Marketing With Mike Stewart

At Pest Control Marketing Gold we have PCO members who submitted amazing questions for Mike and Hal. So this is the audio from a monthly webinar Hal and Mike did for their paid members, but the questions were so good, we decided to share with our Podcast subscribers. Hope you consider checking out our group coaching membership Pest Control Marketing Gold!

  • Here were the question that Hal and Mike answered:
  • How do I find the best website designer. Not happy with my current one.
  • Reviews (Yelp, Google, etc.) are helpful. Is it a good idea to ask for them/suggest them?
  • What attracts customers to open an email?
  • How do you set up your web site to delay the release of new blogs?
  • What are the best marketing items that should be provided from an SEO company and what should be an approximate charge for services?
  • Is it advisable for a company to have and promote with Google Adwords more than one website?
  • What is the best social media platform for a small pest control company to use for marketing?