How To Use YouTube To Grow Your Business

Hundreds of millions of people watch YouTube videos daily.  Why do they watch them?  For two reasons:  Entertainment and Education.  And they love to shop on YouTube.  When someone has a termite or pest control problem and they are searching YouTube to find help, YOUR VIDEO needs to be the one that convinces them to HIRE YOU!  And, if you don’t have videos there…you need to start adding them TODAY…period.

Listen to this episode and learn how you can use your hand held phone and YouTube to capture literally tons for new customers and new business!

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Understanding The Three M’s Of Successful Marketing

Successful marketing depends on the proper use and understanding of the three M’s.  Message, Market and Media. They are like the three legs of the marketing stool. If any one leg is missing or not as strong as the other two, the stool will fall over.

Listen to this episode and you will learn how to increase the return on your investment from all of your future marketing campaigns!

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How To Use Testimonials (OPW) To Build A Successful Business

Powerful business men and women will tell you that you don’t use your own money to build things. You use other people’s money (OPM). Investors, banks, limited partnerships, etc. And the same thing is true of using words.  You don’t build your business using YOUR words.  You use OTHER PEOPLE’S WORDS.

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